ALL-star Cheer

Bullitt Athletics is excited to announce our evaluation dates for the 2018-19 season! 
Ages used will be as of August, 31st 2018.  
For additional information including pricing, please complete the interest form.

Tumbling Requirements to determine which tryout to attend are as follows:

Level 1 - None

Level 2 - Back walkover back handspring. Roundoff 2 back handsprings. Specialty running pass with 2 back handsprings.

Level 3 - Standing 3 back handsprings. Jump to 2 back handsprings. Roundoff back handspring tuck. Specialty running pass ending in back tuck.

Level 4 - Standing back tuck. Standing 2 BHS to a tuck. Specialty running pass ending in layout.

Level 5R/5 - Jump to tuck. 2 BHS to layout/Standing whip pass to layout. Standing BHS to full (or double). Specialty running pass ending in full (or double).
***All skills must have great execution***

ALL STAR INFO FORM!!! 💜 If you are interested in joining our amazing program make sure you fill out the form below to gain all the important information we will be emailing out about next season!